Retire In Morocco – One of The Great Places To Retire

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Morocco: The Best Moorish Country for Retirement

Lighthouse Rabat MoroccoFor the past six years many tourists have considered the 7,589 square miles Moorish nation as one of thebest places to retire in the world. Let us take a moment to learn about retiring in Morocco – one of the great places to retire.

Going to Morocco is most accessible if one has to travel first in Europe or most possibly to take freighter to Casablanca, Rabat, or Tangier, although traveling directly from United States would be most advisable—taking the ship from Gibraltar then going to Tangier using its cheap ferries across Ceuta. Ships which call at Gibraltar from New York includes the following American Export Lines, Home lines, Italian lines, Lauro lines, as well as Ceuta lines—the fare for tourist classis $185, cabin class for $300, and the first class is only about $330. By air, one can already go to Morocco coming off from Gibraltar then going to Tangier.

When highly in-demand Air Morocco will fly directly from Bordeaux, Lyon, or even Geneva going toCasablanca. Also the air France will fly from its capital Paris to Casablanca or Rabat. Moreover, it is also accessible to travel to Morocco by railroad by which one can take the Spanish trains right down to Algericas and then ferry across the narrow straits, though in many considerations, railroads here just like in Greece and Turkey are not particularly recommended.

This Moorish nation is one of the best places to retire since it is highly handy to the tourists and in many ways it endows an alluring deal among majority of the tourists and expatriates such as Americans, Europeans, and even among Asians. Morocco presents much the same prominent and historical places, which can be compared or same as you can find in far countries like Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, as well as Turkey.

It can be noted that as one of the best places to retire, Morocco has a tourist boom that largely attracts numerous foreign residents. Aside from that this Moorish nation has scenic beauty, picturesque and attractive cities, excellent sports facilities, wonderful business opportunities, and excellent climate. It is as cheap as Spain in terms of prices in foods, restaurant, hotels, and travel fares.

Moroccans are as hospitable as the Moslems in the Philippines, though most of them are not fluent in English. They make friends easily and most of them lately have been tourism oriented, the very reason Morocco has been one of the best places to retire not just in Europe but in the world as well.

For the last ten years, this country had less criminality compared other European and American nations. You are assured of living your retirement years with peace of mind and tranquility. If this is your primary concern, list down Morocco now in your own list of the best places to retire.

Based from its tourism office records, visitors or tourists will seldom see today native Moroccans, even if you permanently retire in Morocco. Most likely one would meet or get associated with so many foreigners such as French, English, Greeks, Austrians, Spanish, Americans, and even Turkish and Brazilians.

The cost of living in Morocco is lesser than in many other countries, which makes it one of the best places to retire. In Tangier alone, you can spend the whole month staying there for only $300. This is one of the best cities in Europe and though it is a very modern city, streets are so narrow that one can already touch or roam around the buildings on either side and cobblestones.

It’s quite interesting to find here tiny shops, which is not bigger than a phone booth and tiny restaurants. Imagine this: six customers at a time, the proprietor doubles as a chef, squatting out front simultaneously cooking shish kebab over a charcoal stove. If simple things like this make your heart smile, consider Morocco in your list of best places to retire.

Finding for a decent house to stay in Morocco is not a problem and is not at all financially burdensome. Larger apartments with flats and bigger houses are cheaper than the small ones. Unfurnished apartments are but considerably cheaper and most likely recommended for only $40 a month!

Sahara Dunes MoroccoClothing is cheap, due to the low taxes. Everything is for sale, the fact even is labor is so cheap to the point that the costs of it is almost for free. Even in-demand Spanish and North American wines, cognacs, and liquors are cheap, not much more than all of these in Spain. Restaurant foods is but one of the best in the world in terms of its very affordable price.

According to its tourism office, Tangier has been an international city for decades of every type of food in the world—from Indian (Hindu) to Chinese to French to Syrian, from Spanish to Africans, and from English to American. If you love food and variety, this is the place for you. Go include it in your best places to retire list.

The recommended place to spend one’s retirement in Morocco is in Tangier. All kinds or sorts of sports or any leisure could be found here. Tangier has the best beaches in the world, too, making it indeed one of the best places to retire for those who love to frolic in the beach. It offers the best places for recreation including yacht club, polo ground, tennis courts and many others. You can go horse racing, motor racing, hunting, fishing, hiking, and even skiing. Morocco is also famous for their bullrings where the biggest matadors of Spain hold grand fights annually.

If you are looking for a unique, tranquil and affordable place where to spend your retirement years, Morocco is just as inviting as expensive cities in Europe. It is one of the great places to retire in the world.

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  1. AMENAH ALI says:

    Enjoyed reading the artice. Very informative,
    I am considering retiring in Morocco. How does one go about getting an unfurnished apartment to rent for 3 months.? in Tanger or Rabat? The article suggested $40 a month- I can afford that.

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