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Flamenco beach Culebra Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is an island slightly less than three times the size ofRhode Island. Its climate is  great for retirees as it’s called tropicalmarine (or mild) with not a lot of seasonal variations in temperature. The country’s terrain might surprise you, as it is mostly mountains with a coastal plain belt in the north and sandy beaches along most of its coastal areas. Puerto Rico’s population is estimated to be 3,989,133.

The country’s capital is San Juan with a population of 2.73 million (as of 2009).

The cost of living in San Juan, Puerto Rico

While the cost of living in San Juan is certainly less than that of living in the US, it is not as inexpensive as living in Cuba or Panama. For example, a 3-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant in San Juan costs about $45. A liter of milk generally sells for about $1.67, a loaf of bread $2.09, and basic utilities (electricity, gas, water and garbage) is $223.30 a month. For transportation, you can buy a monthly bus pass for $58 or take a taxi for about $1.75.

If you want to rent an apartment in San Juan’s City Center, it will cost you around $630 for a one-bedroom unit or $1158 for a 3-bedroom apartment. Outside City Center, it’s possible to rent a one-bedroom apartment for around $430.08 or a 3-bedroom for $1069. The price per square meter to buy an apartment in San Juan’s City Center is about $2200, while it costs about $2481 per square meter for an apartment outside City Center.

A wide variety of things to do and see

Puerto Rico offers an amazing array of things for retirees to do and see. Its beaches on the country’s West Coast are the capital of wave and wind action. This is where you can do some serious surfing. If surfing doesn’t interest you and fishing is your thing, the waters around Puerto Rico team with an incredible number of game fish. You can set out from Fajardo or La Parguera for wahoo, tuna and sailfish. You can even cast for champion trophy fish in September during the International Light Tackle Blue Marlin tournament.

The U.S. Park Service

Puerto Rico sunsetsSince Puerto Rico is a US territory, the US Park service maintains the San Juan National Historic Site, which consists of Castile el Morro and Castile San Cristobal. This park features fascinating canon batteries, barracks and museum pieces that recall a once glorious past.

Many consider El Yunque to be the crown jewel ofPuerto Rico’s national parks. It lies on the slopes of the rugged Quillo Mountain Range. There is a 2.6-mile trail that climbs 1365 feet through an eerie cloud forest and that puts you at the summit at 3496 feet. When it’s clear, you can enjoy really spectacular views.

Puerto Rico’s best beaches

If you want to know what is Puerto Rico’s best beach ask the thousands of San Juan residents who fly or ferry out to the Isle of Culebra on weekends and holidays. This amazing beach features bright white sands and waters that are a breathtakingly clear blue and green. There is an offshore reef adjacent to the island that makes for great snorkeling.

Did you know that Puerto Rico has some of the longest and deepest caves in the world? While cave exploring may not be your cup of tea, there is something special about rappelling down a cliff face to enter Cueva Camuy.


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